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Teaching High School Humanities for Beginners

Fall 2021

14-Week Session

Tuesdays, 8:00 - 9:05 PM (EST)

Online | Zoom

September 7 - December 7, 2022



Young teachers have it rough. To begin with, they are often only a few years older than their students. A lack of experience often leads to a lack of confidence, and yet young teachers have a habit of creating overly ambitious lesson plans. When they fall behind, they lose sight of the real purpose of a classical education, which is the cultivation of virtue. I have been there myself.  


In Teaching High School Humanities for Beginners, I am offering instruction to young humanities teachers on a wide range of issues, from lecturing to writing letters of recommendation. While the class runs (between September 7 and December 7), teachers enrolled in this class can email me their catechisms, quizzes and assessments, parent emails, replies to parent emails, and questions about individual student/faculty issues and receive a response within 36 hours. This class is geared toward first through third year humanities teachers, although seasoned veterans are free to enroll, as well.


My goal is to give young humanities teachers the instruction and perspective they need to be confident and competent behind the lectern. I take a common sense, unsentimental approach to classroom management and welcome blunt questions about everything from admin and parents to Student Success Plans.

The topics covered in this course will include:

  • The current state of classical Christian education and the individual teacher’s place within the movement

  • The “discipleship model” of education and its relative merits

  • The art of the lecture

  • The “read and discuss” lesson plan

  • Choosing and defending your curriculum

  • Writing and grading good assessments

  • Classroom management

  • The character and personality of the teacher as a teaching tool

  • Life outside the classroom and negotiating school politics

  • Parent management


This class is geared toward first- through third-year humanities teachers, but more experienced teachers are welcome to enroll as well.    

Enrollment is limited 16 students.



The Restoration of Christian Culture by John Senior

The Abolition of Man by CS Lewis

Lost in the Cosmos by Walker Percy

Links will be provided for the editions students need to purchase. 


Tuesday evenings from 8:00 - 9:05 PM EST, September 7 through December 7, 2021.


This course is only offered at the student level (no auditors).​ Students will have entry into Tuesday Zoom classes, as well as access to recordings of class videos and the class Canvas page, where students may ask questions (of one another or the instructor and carry on discussions about the reading.


  • No make-up sessions will be given in the event of a student absence, but recordings of the class will be available for all students.  

  • Students are expected to use their real names and unmodified backgrounds when in class Zoom sessions. 

  • Students are expected to be courteous and polite to one another in class. They are also expected to represent and defend their opinions with dignity and common sense. Disagreement between students will happen, but this is simply part of discussing politics and philosophy like mature adults. If one student’s feelings are hurt by another student, it does not necessarily mean anyone has been mistreated or that an apology is warranted. 

  • Refund policy: A full refund is offered for anyone who decides to drop the class before the start date. A 50% refund is offered for anyone who drops the class before the second class meeting. 

  • Late start policy: If there is space available, students may join the class after the start date but will not receive a discounted rate.  

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