Joshua Gibbs

Author / Teacher / Consultant

Joshua Gibbs teaches great books, lectures on classical pedagogy, and is a prolific blogger for the Circe Institute. He also offers online classes and consultation.

Online Classes


Registration is now open for Spring 2022 classes.


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Distance and in-person consultation available for classical schools and educators.


"How To Be Unlucky is a much needed book, a book which will prove spiritually and intellectually valuable to teachers, students, and parents alike. This book stands to significantly change the way you think of education. Look away from the glitzy shallows of your smartphone and dive into the deep end with Joshua Gibbs. As a professor, I'd love for all of my colleagues—and as a dad, I want all of my kids' teachers—to be drinking deeply of the ideas Joshua Gibbs is tackling in How to Be Unlucky. Our rising generation obviously needs to be wrestling more regularly with both the theory and practice of virtue, but how can we get them to want to? Mere moralistic lecturing probably makes the outcome we seek less rather than more likely, so what is to be done? Well, here's some good news: Both wit and wise counsel—and an introductory guide to the ancients, and some self-deprecation about Gibbs's own failures, and even meaningful reflection on '90s rock—all await you in these important pages."

Senator Ben Sasse

Author of The Vanishing American Adult